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2020 News

March 2020 Auction News

March 13, 2020
Gianguan To Conduct Asian Week New York Sale As Scheduled Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 5, 2020
Gianguan Auctions announces highlights included in its annual Spring Sale Art Daily

March 1, 2020
Asian Week New York Auctions Asian Art Newspaper

February 2020 Auction News

February 26, 2020
Gianguan Auctions to present Chinese treasures March 16 liveauctioneers

February 25, 2020
Preview Treasures in Gianguan Auctions New York Asian Arts Week Sale on March 16 Artfix Daily

2019 News Coverage

December 2019 Auction News

December 9, 2019
贞观12/16拍卖会 即日起至12/15预展 世界日报

December 6, 2019
贞观拍卖12/16举办新年酬宾拍卖会 星岛日报

December 5, 2019
Gianguan Auctions December 16th sale is a wonderland of gifts Art Daily

November 29, 2019
十二月十六日贞观拍卖公司将举办新年酬宾拍卖会 雅昌艺术网

March 2019 Auction News

April 12, 2019
Gianguan Auctions Spring Sale Sets World Record For Chinese Contemporary Artist Antiques And The Arts Weekly

April 2, 2019
Gianguan Auctions Breaks World Record for Chinese Contemporary Artist Dr.Yuhua Shouzhi Wang ArtFixDaily

March 27, 2019
127万美金高价拍出!玉花寿之王博士画作贞观春拍会夺冠 Sinovision

March 25, 2019
贞观拍卖127万拍出竹篮石榴 玉花寿之王博士顶级画作 World Journal
Gianguan Auctions Spring Sale breaks world record for Chinese Comtemporary artist Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Art Daily

March 24, 2019
Gianguan Auctions Spring Sale Breaks World Record for Chinese Contemporary Artist Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang PR Web

March 22, 2019
Yuhua Wang painting sells for $1.3M at Gianguan Auctions Liveauctioneer

March 21, 2019
贞观拍出王玉花画作 价格创纪录 Chinapress
貞觀三月亞洲藝術節拍賣玉花壽之王拍價127萬創紀錄 Sing Tao Daily
玉花壽之王博士春拍會上奪冠 World Journal

March 15, 2019
【视频】贞观拍卖18号举办亚洲艺术节拍卖会 Sinovision
亚洲艺术节拍卖会隆重呈现中华瑰宝 三大亮点 珍品抢先看! Sinovision
Gianguan Auctions Offers Chinese Material Culture During Aisa Week Antiques And The Arts Weekly

March 12, 2019
贞观拍卖隆重呈现中华瑰宝 Chinapress

March 11, 2019
纽约贞观亚洲艺术节拍卖会 宋美龄《日月潭印象》吸睛 Sing Tao Daily

March 7, 2019
Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes And Works of Art Asian Art
Zhang Daqian Painting, Tibetan Buddhist Frieze, Ming Ceramic Buddha Lead Votive Art At Gianguan Auctions March Sale ArtFixDaily
纽约贞观公司3/18年度春拍 中华瑰宝珍品欢迎御览 World Journal

March 4, 2019
Gianguan Auctions celebrates China's material heritage at its annual Spring Auction Art Daily

March 1, 2019
Gianguan Auctions Announces Highlights of 18th Annual March Sale PR Web

February 27, 2019
纽约贞观拍卖公司3月18日亚洲艺术节拍卖会隆重呈现中华瑰宝 Artron
Gianguan Auctions celebrates Asia Week with major sale March 18 Liveauctioneer

February 26, 2019
A Celebration Of China's Material Culture At Gianguan Auctions March 18 ArtFixDaily

2018 News Coverage

2017 News Coverage

December 2017 Auction News

November 30, 2017
贞观圣诞新年拍卖会 DW News
贞观中国艺术文物精品9日开拍 Chinapress
中国艺术文物精品呈现 贞观12/9圣诞新年拍卖会 Sing Tao Daily
贞观12/9拍卖会 宋画珍品吸睛 World Journal LA

November 28, 2017
贞观国际12/9举行圣诞新年拍卖会 World Journal
Ancient Chinese frescos, modern Chinese paintings, Chinese seals and Zisha teapots lead Gianguan Auctions sale ArtDaily

November 22, 2017
Gianguan Auctions leads with Chinese ceramics Dec.9 Liveauctioneer
Ancient Chinese Frescos & More To Lead At Gianguan Auctions Antiques And The Arts Weekly

September 2017 Auction News

September 4, 2017
纽约贞观9月9日举行秋拍 World Journal

August 31, 2017
聚焦中国佛教艺术 贞观秋季拍卖会9日开锣 Chinapress
Buddhist Art Headlines Gianguan Auctions' September 9 Sale PR Web

August 30, 2017
贞观2017秋季拍卖会 DW News
纽约贞观9/9秋季拍卖会 Sing Tao Daily

August 25, 2017
Intonations of Buddhist Art To Set Tone At Gianguan Auctions' September 9 Sale Antiques And The Arts Weekly

August 24, 2017
Chinese Headrests Make For Good Pillow Talk ArtFixDaily

August 23, 2017
Golden Tibetan Frieze and Wei Stone Guanyin Lead Buddhist Art in Gianguan Auctions' September 9th Sale ArtDaily

August 21, 2017
Ming Signature Seal Honors Sun ArtFixDaily

August 16, 2017
Chinese Signature Seals - Best Sellers at Gianguan Auctions ArtFixDaily
文物收藏的飞跃---纽约贞观9月9日秋季拍卖会 Artron

August 11, 2017
Buddhist art well represented in Gianguan Auctions' Sept.9 sale Liveauctioneer

June 2017 Auction News

June 2, 2017
早期佛教艺术品美不胜收 纽约贞观拍卖6/10举行 Sing Tao Daily
纽约贞观6/10举行夏拍 World Journal
Gianguan Auctions Unveils Painting by Bada Shanren on Friday, June 2 PR Web

May 30, 2017
Buddhist Art Preview opens on Friday, June 3, at Gianguan, NYC ArtFixDaily

May 22, 2017
Zisha teapots and Chinese seals on the podium at Gianguan Auctions ArtDaily

May 19, 2017
纽约贞观六月拍卖盛典 Artron
Zisha Teapots and Chinese Seals Round Out Gianguan Auctions June 10 Sale ArtFixDaily

March 2017 Auction News

April 4, 2017
Ming Dynasty Artwork, Scholar's Items Lead at Gianguan Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 10, 2017
Gianguan Welcomes Asia Week Buyers with March 11 Auction Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 9, 2017
Friday is Last Day to Preview Gianguan Auctions' Asia Week Sale ArtFixDaily

March 8, 2017
Gianguan Auctions to Open Asia Week with Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Paintings on Saturday, March 11 PR Web

March 6, 2017
Wucai Fish Jar and 14th C. Painting Lead Strong Field at Gianguan Auctions ArtFixDaily

March 3, 2017
Headed for the Block China Daily
贞观国际下周六将举办拍卖盛会 China Press (Qiao Bao)

March 2, 2017
贞观国际拍卖3/11开拍 World Journal

March 1, 2017
中国字画瓷器玉器石雕等 贞观春季拍卖会3/11举行 Sing Tao Daily
Joseon Ceramics at Gianguan Auctions Asia Week Sale ArtFixDaily
Carved Jade and Historic Paintings are Star Lots at Gianguan Auctions March 11th Asia Week Sale ArtDaily

February 17, 2017
The Back-Story on Chinese Works of Art in Gianguan March 11 Sale ArtFixDaily

2016 News Coverage

December 2016 Auction News

December 8, 2016
纽约贞观国际中华瑰宝圣诞新年拍卖会 Sinovision

December 2, 2016
贞观国际10日办中华瑰宝拍卖会 China Press (Qiao Bao)

December 1, 2016
纽约贞观举行圣诞新年拍卖会 TakungPao
中华瑰宝圣诞新年拍卖会12月2号起纽约预展 Sinovision

November 30, 2016
纽约贞观拍卖会12/10揭幕 Sing Tao Daily

November 29, 2016
贞观国际圣诞新年拍卖会12/10举办 300余件珍品齐亮相 Sinovision

November 25, 2016
Favorite Chinese Painters & Ceremonial Objects at Gianguan Auctions ArtFixDaily

September 2016 Auction News

September 9, 2016
贞观国际下周举办中华瑰宝秋季拍卖会 China Press (Qiao Bao)
Gianguan's Asian Art Auction To Offer Art, Ceramics & Carved Antiques and The Arts Weekly
Chinese Belt Buckles offer a new take on men's fashion accessories ArtDaily

September 8, 2016
中华瑰宝秋季拍卖盛会 Sing Tao Daily
贞观拍卖特别系列-中国古代腰带挂钩9月17日纽约拍卖 Sinovision

September 7, 2016
Ancient Chinese Belt Buckles Add a New Take on Men's Fashion Antiques and The Arts Weekly

September 2, 2016
Chinese Belt Buckles Draw Fashion Week Men To Gianguan Auctions Daigou

August 30, 2016
纽约贞观举办中华瑰宝秋季拍卖盛会 Artron

August 29, 2016
Gianguan's Sept. 17 Asian Art Auction features premier paintings, ceramics, bronzes, jades Auction Central News

June 2016 Auction News

June 17, 2016
World Journal

June 16, 2016
贞观国际拍卖6/25纽约举行 Sing Tao Daily
纽约贞观6月25日夏季拍卖会呈现视觉盛宴 DW News

June 9, 2016
Preciouse jades stand out in Gianguan Auctions June 25 sale Auction Central News

March 2016 Auction News

March 12, 2016
贞观拍卖会 瓷器及古画 - 恭逢亚洲艺术周春拍 World Journal
贞观公司 19日拍绝世珍品 China Press (Qiao Bao)

March 10, 2016
贞观隆重推出$15M瓷器及古画 Sing Tao Daily
On the block China Daily

2015 News Coverage

December 2015 Auction News

December 15, 2015
中華瑰寶聖誕新年拍賣會12/19舉行 MingPao

December 11, 2015
Gianguan Auctions Opens Gallery at a Wide-Ranging Dec. 19 Sale Antiques and The Arts Weekly
Sealed Deal China Daily
纽约贞观国际拍卖公司新画廊开幕 China Press (Qiao Bao)

December 9, 2015
貞觀國際拍賣喬遷新址聖誕拍賣會精品薈萃 World Journal

December 3, 2015
Gianguan to open new gallery with robust auction Dec. 19 Auction Central News

November 26, 2015
Buddhist Art, Buddhist Statues Featured in Gianguan Auctions' December 19th Sale ArtFixDaily

September 2015 Auction News

September 10, 2015
9/12貞觀拍賣會亮相 Sing Tao Daily
中國書畫精品經典古玩9月12日亮相貞觀秋季拍賣會 DW News

September 9, 2015
贞观国际秋季拍卖会12日登场 China Press (Qiao Bao)

September 4, 2015
Gianguan Offers Chinese Paintings, Works of Art Rich In Symbolism Antiques and The Arts Weekly

September 3, 2015
貞觀秋季拍賣會9月12日舉行 World Journal

August 31, 2015
Chinese paintings and works of art rich in symbolism characterize Gianguan Auctions' September 12th Sale Alain R. Truong

August 27, 2015
Chinese Symbolism Infuses Gianguan Auctions' September 12th Sale ArtFixDaily

August 26, 2015
Chinese artworks rich in symbolism mark Gianguan sale Sept. 12 Auction Central News

June 2015 Auction News

June 12, 2015
Chinese Paintings, Qing Cloisonné To Lead Gianguan Auctions June 13 Antiques and The Arts Weekly

June 9, 2015
貞觀夏拍賣夏拍13日舉行 World Journal

June 3, 2015
Important Asian art expected to excel at Gianguan auction June 13 Auction Central News
Chinese Treasures go on block China Daily
纽约贞观夏季拍卖下周开幕 China Press
貞觀夏季拍賣會6/13開幕 Sing Tao Daily

June 1, 2015
Emperor's Inkstand Could Bring $1.5M at Gianguan Auctions June 13 Sale ArtFixDaily

March 2015 Auction News

March 28, 2015
贞观春拍当代“墨荷”以1650万下槌破世界纪录 XinHuaWang (News.CN)

March 27, 2015
纽约书画艺术汇聚春拍 羌佛画价出榜首(图文) China News

March 23, 2015
H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III painting sells for $16.5M at Gianguan Auctions Auction Central News
貞觀拍賣三世多杰羌佛 - 1650萬成交創紀錄 Sing Tao Daily

March 21, 2015
The Best Photo of the Day ArtDaily

March 20, 2015
佛教藝術清朝瑰寶引領貞觀春季拍賣會 World Journal
Loaded Lotus; Dargon Meets Buddha China Daily

March 17, 2015
佛教藝術、清朝瑰寶 引領貞觀春季拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀春拍 即起預展 World Journal
林缉光世阳堂网络博物馆开幕 China Press (Qiao Bao)
纽约贞观春季拍卖会即将举行 China News

March 16, 2015
Buddhist, Tibetan ARts & Qing Dynasty splendors dominate Gianguan auctions Asia Week sale The Alpha Omega Arts
佛教藝術和清朝瑰寶引領貞觀拍賣公司春季拍賣會 DW News

March 15, 2015
華美人文學會講座-林緝光展出秘藏青銅器 Sing Tao Daily

March 9, 2015
紐約貞觀國際拍賣公司于3月5日- 3月14日舉辦青銅器展覽 DW News

March 8, 2015
Archaic Chinese Bronzes On View at Gianguan Auction Gallery ArtFixDaily

March 7, 2015
林缉光将在纽约华人文学会举办中国历代青铜器鉴赏讲座 China News
Riding High; Emperor's collection China Daily

March 6, 2015
世阳堂将展百件青铜器藏品 China Press (Qiao Bao)

March 5, 2015
華美人文學會3/14講座 Sing Tao Daily

March 4, 2015
Art by H.H. Dorje Chang III, Emperor Xuande, and Qianlong Emperor Lead Gianguan Auctions' Asia Week Sale ArtFixDaily

2014 News Coverage

December 2014 Auction News

December 2, 2014
紐約貞觀拍賣會12月7日舉行 西藏鎏金掛畫及瓷器書畫拍品多 World Journal

November 28, 2014
New York: On the Block China Daily

November 26, 2014
貞觀12/7舉辦拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
纽约贞观圣诞节拍卖 China Press (Qiao Bao)

Novemner 22, 2014
紐約貞觀公司拍賣會 world Journal

November 20, 2014
Buddhist Art Leads Gianguan Auctions December 7th Sale the Alpha Omega Arts

November 19, 2014
Buddhist Art Leads Gianguan Auctions' December 7th Sale PR Web

November 17, 2014
Tibetan, Chinese masterpieces in Gianguan auction Dec. 7 Auction Central News
Buddhist Art Leads Gianguan Auctions December 7th Sale ArtFixDaily

September 2014 Auction News

September 10, 2014
纽约拍卖中国古今珍藏 TakungPao

September 5, 2014
Gianguan Auctions opens Asia Week with courtly rarities Sept. 14 Auction Central News
Gianguan Auctions Presents Courtly and Artisanal Rarities On September 14 ArtFixDaily

September 4, 2014
揭紐約秋季亞洲拍賣周 貞觀國際拍賣9/14舉行 Sing Tao Daily
亞洲藝品拍賣14日舉行 World Journal
贞观国际拍卖会14日登场 China Press (Qiao Bao)

June 2014 Auction News

June 30, 2014
My Favorite Clients, The Lums The Good Men Project

May 30, 2014
Wealth Of Chinese Paintings, Jewelry & Works of Art At Gianguan June 8 Antiques and The Arts Weekly

May 29, 2014
『貞觀國際拍賣』6/8拍賣中國現代畫作 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀畫廊拍賣會 周六起預展 World Journal
贞观国际将全天候展拍 China Press (Qiao Bao)
貞觀新一季藝術品拍賣下週日舉行 Ming Pao
Master Works China Daily

May 22, 2014
Gianguan Auctions offers a wealth of Chinese paintings in June 8 sale Auction Central News
34-Arm Tibetan Deity Is A Marquee Item in June 8 Auction Asia Week Guide

May 19, 2014
Fine Chinese Scroll Paintings Under Hammer At Gianguan Auctions New York on June 8th ArtFixDaily

March 2014 Auction News

March 6, 2014
貞觀春拍 書畫瓷器雲集 World Journal

March 5, 2014
紐約貞觀3/16舉行中華瑰寶春拍會 Sing Tao Daily
贞观国际 16日中华瑰宝春拍 China Press (Qiao Bao)
贞观国际16日中华瑰宝春拍 QiaoBaoWang
紐約貞觀國際春季拍賣會即將舉行 China News

March 4, 2014
紐約貞觀國際拍賣公司舉行2014盛大中華瑰寶春季拍賣會 DW News

February 24, 2014
Gianguan's Asia Week Sale March 16 has scroll paintings, ceramics Auction Central News

February 21, 2014
Gianguan Auctions To Offer $1M Pair of Grasshopper Dishes at Spring Asia Week Auction ArtFixDaily

2013 News Coverage

December 2013 Auction News

December 2, 2013
Good fortune awaits bidders at Gianguan auction Dec. 8 Auction Central News

November 30, 2013
貞觀拍賣公司12月初的拍賣定於聖誕新年期間舉行 Ming Pao

November 29, 2013
Gianguan's December 8 Auction To Bestow Good Holiday Fortune Antiques and The Arts Weekly

November 27, 2013
12/8聖誕新年拍賣 貞觀拍賣亮出徐悲鴻 Sing Tao Daily
300餘珍品 貞觀拍賣 World Journal
贞观拍卖公司节日送大礼 QiaoBaoWang
纽约贞观国际圣诞新年拍卖会即将举行 China News
紐約貞觀國際拍賣公司聖誕新年拍賣會 DW News

November 22, 2013
Gianguan Auctions' Early December Auction Is Timed for Bestowing Good Fortune During the Holidays. ArtFixDaily

September 2013 Auction News

September 16, 2013
貞觀拍賣成交率高 Sing Tao Daily

September 12, 2013
紐約貞觀國際拍賣舉行秋拍 World Journal

September 8, 2013
中華瑰寶拍賣會珍品薈萃 明朝壺中之王雕塑首亮相 China Press Weekly

September 6, 2013
Gianguan Auctions To Offer Modernist Scroll Paintings & Ancestral Zisha Teapots Antiques and The Arts Weekly
New York: Tea Time China Daily

September 5, 2013
紐約貞觀國際拍賣9/15中華瑰寶秋拍 Sing Tao Daily
中华瑰宝拍卖会珍品荟萃 明朝壶中之王雕塑首亮相 QiaoBaoWang

August 30, 2013
Gianguan Auctions to offer scroll paintings, zisha teapots Sept. 15 Auction Central News
Zisha Teapots Lead Chinese Ceramics at Gianguan Auctions ArtFixDaily

June 2013 Auction News

July 1, 2013
貞觀拍賣成績靚,林緝光笑斥流言 Sing Tao Daily

June 21, 2013
中華瑰寶拍賣會30日曼哈頓舉行 Ming Pao

June 20, 2013
紐約貞觀國際拍賣6/30中華瑰寶拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀國際夏拍300瑰寶亮相 World Journal
中华瑰宝夏季拍卖会將启300馀藏品等待揭盖头 China Press (Qiao Bao)

June 19, 2013
Fine Chinese works of art headline Gianguan's June 30 auction Auction Central News
Gianguan Auctions June Sale Offers Many Facets of Chinese Art ArtFixDaily

March 2013 Auction News

March 15, 2013
紐約貞觀國際拍賣舉行中華瑰寶春季拍賣會 World Journal

March 11, 2013
Gianguan opens spring Asia Week with auction March 17 Auction Central News

March 8, 2013
海外赤子林缉光 600余"国宝"赠家乡 GuangZhou Daily

March 7, 2013
貞觀國際拍賣3/17中華瑰寶春季拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
贞观17日中华瑰宝春拍会 China Press (Qiao Bao)
Gianguan Auctions Opens New York's Spring Asia Week with Bilingual sale on Sunday, March 17 ArtFixDaily

February 28, 2013
林緝光 讓國寶回家 World Journal

February 21, 2013
"画圣" 吴道子稀世名画现身 有望捐赠回国 China News

February 19, 2013
世陽堂世紀國寶回歸展 Sing Tao Daily
林緝光世紀國寶回歸展 中城揭幕 World Journal

February 4, 2013
China Cultural Department Opens Public Museum Celebrating NYC Artist Kwong Lum ArtFixDaily

2012 News Coverage

December 2012 Auction News

December 10, 2012
元赵孟頫书画拍出1.26亿天价 创中国书画在美记录 China Daily

December 6, 2012
貞觀國際拍賣公司盛大舉行 World Journal

December 3, 2012
300書畫瓷器紐約拍賣 TakungPao

November 30, 2012
Choice Items, Good Buys On Offer At Gianguan Auctions December 9 Antiques and The Arts Weekly

November 29, 2012
Much to celebrate in Gianguan Auctions holiday sale Dec. 9 Auction Central News

November 28, 2012
中華瑰寶聖誕新年拍賣12/9舉行 Sing Tao Daily
贞观12月9日举行圣诞新年拍卖会 China Press (Qiao Bao)
赵孟頫书画作品将在纽约拍卖 起拍价8000万元 XinHuaWang (News.CN)

November 22, 2012
Gianguan Auctions Holiday Season Sale Had Affordable and Extraordinary Chinese Items ArtFixDaily

September 2012 Auction News

September 10, 2012
貞觀十周年拍賣書畫成熱門 Sing Tao Daily

September 9, 2012
紐約貞觀拍賣中國書畫瓷器 TakungPao

August 31, 2012
Gianguan Auctions Asia Week Sale Is September 9 Antiques and The Arts Weekly

August 29, 2012
中華瑰寶9/9秋季拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
中華瑰寶秋拍9/9舉行 World Journal
贞观10年庆拍卖会周末預展 China Press (Qiao Bao)

August 27, 2012
Gianguan Auctions marks 10th anniversary with sale Sept. 9 Auction Central News
Gianguan Auctions Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Fall Asia Week Sale September 9 Artron

June 2012 Auction News

June 1, 2012
Gianguan Auctions To Offer Chinese Paintings,Arts June 10 Antiques and The Arts Weekly

May 31, 2012
貞觀國際夏拍6/10舉行 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀國際夏拍6/10舉行 TakungPao
貞觀夏拍6月10日舉行 QiaoBaoWang
張大千作品將在紐約貞觀國際拍賣行拍賣 China News

May 25, 2012
Gianguan Auctions sees June 10 sale as opportune time to buy Auction Central News
Kwong Lum Advises Collectors on "Period of Adjustment in Chinese Art" ArtFixDaily

March 2012 Auction News

March 9, 2012
Gianguan's sale Mar. 18 concludes with ceramics, jades Auction Central News
Gianguan Auctions's Mar.18 sale offers exceptional Chinese paintings Auction Central News
Gianguan Auctions' Asia Week Sale Offers Chinese Paintings & Arts Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 7, 2012
貞觀國際18日中華瑰寶春拍 Sing Tao Daily
贞观国际春季拍卖会天价重器现身 QiaoBaoWang
340余件中华瑰宝亮相纽约贞观国际春季拍卖会 China News

March 6, 2012
纽约贞观国际春季拍卖 稀世珍宝亮相 Sinovision

March 5, 2012
Gianguan Auctions Offers Qing and Yuan Dynasty Ceramics at Asia Week Sale ArtFixDaily

January 30, 2012
Chinese artist Kwong Lum presents artwork to Johnson Museum Auction Central News

2011 News Coverage

December 2011 Auction News

December 30, 2011
Welcoming Hong Kong Auction Gallery: Gateway to Chinese Art Auction Central News

November 25, 2011
Jade and Decorative Arts at Hong Kong Auction Gallery NY Antiques and The Arts Weekly

November 24, 2011
美国华人收藏家计划向大陆31省市区各捐一件国宝 China News

November 23, 2011
貞觀拍賣舉辦中華瑰寶聖誕新年拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
華裔收藏狂人 擬捐各省1國寶 World Journal
贞观文物节日拍卖 华人送礼格调高 QiaoBaoWang
收藏狂人擬捐國寶予31省 Ming Pao
貞觀文物節日拍賣華人送禮格調高 Sina News
收藏狂人擬捐國寶予31省 Sina News

November 22, 2011
高贵不贵 贞观国际办中华瑰宝圣诞新年拍卖会 Sinovision

September 2011 Auction News

September 8, 2011
紐約貞觀國際拍賣 中華瑰寶9/18秋拍 Sing Tao Daily
贞观秋拍 旷世极品将首次亮相 QiaoBaoWang
林缉光艺术馆明年落成 本人称将捐20亿人民币藏宝 Sohu News
纽约进入秋拍季 中国艺术品受热捧 CQNews

September 7, 2011
贞观国际秋季拍卖 价值近亿珍宝首亮相 Sinovision

September 2, 2011
Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Art Meets Million Dollar Porcelains at Hong Kong Auction NY ArtFixDaily

June 2011 Auction News

June 13, 2011
賣出近8成精品 貞觀國際拍賣成交價100萬 Sing Tao Daily

June 10, 2011
贞观国际拍卖公司举行中华瑰宝夏季拍卖会 Sinovision

June 1, 2011
Qi Baishi Paintings Among the Chinese Art and Decorations at Hong Kong Auctions New York June 12 Sale ArtFixDaily

March 2011 Auction News

April 6, 2011
心靈與天地合一 王林旭超象藝術畫展揭幕 Sing Tao Daily
王林旭超象藝術畫展開幕 World Journal
王林旭纽约举办超象艺术展 李保东大使出席致辞 Sinovision

March 11, 2011
Hong Kong Auctions New York Kicks off Asian Arts Week Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 9, 2011
中華瑰寶春拍 3/20 紐約舉行 Sing Tao Daily
纽约贞观国际拍卖公司举行 “中华瑰宝春季拍卖会” Sinovision

March 8, 2011
贞观国际春季拍卖 中华瑰宝云集 Sinovision

March 7, 2011
Hong Kong Auctions is First of New York's Vibrant Asia Art Week Sales PR Web

2010 News Coverage

December 2010 Auction News


September 2010 Auction News

September 30, 2010
中華瑰寶秋拍成交量八成 Sing Tao Daily

September 27, 2010
贞观国际公司秋季拍卖大获丰收 Sinovision

September 11, 2010
貞觀重器秋拍下周隆重登場 China Press Weekly

September 10, 2010
中華瑰寶秋拍9/19舉行 Sing Tao Daily

September 9, 2010
中國精品文物 19日秋拍 World Journal

September 8, 2010
贞观国际19日秋拍中华瑰宝 QiaoBaoWang
纽约又见中华瑰宝 贞观国际秋季拍卖 Sinovision

June 2010 Auction News

June 18, 2010
纽约贞观国际将举办"中华瑰宝夏季拍卖会" Economic Information Daily
纽约贞观国际将举办2010年中华瑰宝夏拍 gg-art
纽约贞观国际将办中华瑰宝夏拍 SSSC.CN
纽约贞观国际将举办2010年中华瑰宝夏拍 News.CN
纽约贞观国际将举办 中华瑰宝夏季拍卖会 Yahoo Finance

June 17, 2010
貞觀國際拍賣公司主辦 中華瑰寶夏拍會 Sing Tao Daily
『中華瑰寶夏拍』 27日登場 World Journal
中華瑰寶夏季拍賣會月底舉行 Ming Pao
紐約貞觀國際將辦中華瑰寶夏季拍賣會 DW News

June 16, 2010
紐約貞觀國際拍賣公司定於6月27日舉行“中華瑰寶夏季拍賣會” QiaoBaoWang

March 2010 Auction News

March 20, 2010
Asia Week New York: Hong Kong Auctions International

March 19, 2010
Hong Kong Auctions International To Offer Rare Scroll And Vase Antiques and The Arts Weekly

March 12, 2010
中華瑰寶春拍會3/21舉行 Sing Tao Daily

March 11, 2010
贞观国际21日拍卖中华瑰宝 QiaoBaoWang
紐約公司將舉行“中華瑰寶”拍賣會 DW News
纽约贞观国际将拍卖乾隆粉彩六棱套瓶等珍品 China News
紐約將舉行『中華瑰寶』春拍 XinhuaNet

March 10, 2010
華美人文學會辦講座 林緝光講明官窯瓷鑒賞 Sing Tao Daily
乾隆粉彩花瓶600萬起拍 World Journal
Fabulous New Yorkers (7) 林緝光 New York Diary

March 9, 2010
纽约贞观国际拍卖公司举行“中华瑰宝春季拍卖会” 美国中文网

March 6, 2010
中華瑰寶今春首拍 China Press Weekly

2009 News Coverage

December 2009 Auction News

November 30, 2009
大都會博物館世陽堂 周方展出『佛像傳入中國』 Sing Tao Daily

November 29, 2009
周方貞觀談佛像在中國 QiaoBaoWang

November 25, 2009
貞觀12/6 『中華藝術瑰寶拍賣會』 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀公司12月6日拍賣會 World Journal
貞觀聖誕拍賣會 清朝國寶現身 Ming Pao
纽约将举行中华艺术瑰宝圣诞新年拍卖会 XinHuaWang (News.CN)

September 2009 Auction News

September 28, 2009
我区举办林缉光艺术博物馆奠基仪式 XinhuiQiaoWang

September 12, 2009
紐約貞觀國際20日舉辦秋季拍賣 China Press Weekly

September 11, 2009
貞觀9/12秋季拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
中華藝術瑰寶秋季拍賣會 Ming Pao
贞观20日秋拍精品历次拍卖会最多 QiaoBaoWang
乾隆田黄巨玺将现身纽约拍卖会 XinHuaWang (News.CN)

January 2009 News

January 31, 2009
林缉光2月1日举办收藏讲座 China Press (Qiao Bao)

January 22, 2009
林緝光世陽堂 1/23明清紫砂壺展 Sing Tao Daily
明清紫砂壺 林緝光展珍藏 World Journal

2008 News Coverage

December 2008 Auction News

November 26, 2008
贞观12月​​7日开拍中华艺术品 China Press (Qiao Bao)

September 2008 Auction News

September 15, 2008
貞觀拍賣創佳績 仇英『園雅集圖』領軍 Sing Tao Daily

September 10, 2008
紐約展中國清代畫家王翬畫作 TakungPao
纽约贞观公司将拍卖乾隆御用水洗等珍品 XinHuaNet

September 9, 2008
纽约贞观国际拍卖公司秋季盛会精妙绝世珍品寻找藏家 China Press (Qiao Bao)

June 2008 Auction News

June 14, 2008
貞觀中國藝術品拍賣會 The SinoAmerican Times

June 13, 2008

June 12, 2008
角聲步行籌款 徵賑災大使林緝光捐4件珍品義賣 World Journal
林缉光捐蒋宋藏品义拍 China Press (Qiao Bao)
林緝光獻蔣宋珍品賑災 紐約拍賣中華瑰寶 Ming Pao
美國華僑義拍蔣宋珍藏國寶賑災 TakungPao
纽约著名华侨收藏家将为汶川地震灾区义卖孙中山对联及蒋介石遗宝 XinHuaNet

April 2008 Auction News

April 21, 2008
貞觀拍賣創佳績 西漢青銅器領軍 Sing Tao Daily

April 9, 2008
『貞觀國際』4/20拍賣名家作品 Sing Tao Daily
贞观拍卖品琳琅满目 China Press (Qiao Bao)

February 2008 Auction News

February 6, 2008
推動中國文化低價拍賣名畫貞觀國際公司2/17拍賣會 Sing Tao Daily
貞觀拍賣公司十七日舉行春節拍賣會 The Liberty Times

February 5, 2008
贞观公司将举行春节拍卖 China Press (Qiao Bao)

2007 and Older News

2007 Auction News

December 10, 2007
13萬中華珍品紐約拍出 Ming Pao

December 7, 2007
貞觀公司廉價拍賣百餘件名家真品 The Liberty Times

December 4, 2007
貞觀國際拍賣公司舉行拍賣會 CWCB (Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Co.)

2005 Auction News

November 28, 2005
纽约华裔画廊"世阳堂"揭幕 Art86.CN

2004 Auction News

April 11, 2004
Dazzling art works catch collectors' eyes China Daily

2003 Auction News

March 20, 2003
Hammer to Come Down on Ancient Treasures China Daily